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December 7, 2019


We’re launching a new series of articles where we feature influencers and other prominent members of the online Pokemon community! 

 And to start things off we would love to introduce the team of writers over at The Pokemon Newspaper in Australia! 

 The Pokemon Newspaper was created by Jesska who has been a lifelong fan of The Pokemon Company since they were first introduced to the Australian market back in 1998.


(The Pokemon Newspaper Founder: Jesska)

At only 7 years old, Jesska’s first memory of Pokemon was time spent together with her dad when they would go to the Brickworks Market to find the cheap packs of Pokemon cards in the back of the stores where she would spend all of her allowance buying what she could. 


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Flashforward to 2019, and Jesska now has two websites dedicated solely to Pokemon! The Pokemon Collector and The Pokemon Newspaper

The Pokemon Newspaper was started as a non profit with a mission to help spread the love of Pokemon with the world. 

If you want to stay up-to-date with all the latest happenings in the Pokemon Universe then make sure to head over to The Pokemon Newspaper’s website and sign up for their newsletter! Click HERE to visit the Pokemon Newsletter.

You can also find them on Facebook here


Are you an influencer in the Pokemon Community or know someone that is? Shoot us an email at and let us know your story to be published on the PokeNerds PokeNews Blog!

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