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The Pokemon Trading Card Game is popular with players worldwide.

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Here are the latest and greatest additions to the Pokemon Trading Card Game! 

Each English Booster Box features 36 Packs of Pokemon Cards! That's a total of 360 cards! Amazing value.

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Collection Boxes Feature Promotional Cards you can't Find ANYWHERE Else! If You're a Collector Don't Miss out on These!

Pokemon Card 3 Pack Blisters

Straight from the Pokemon Company! These three pack blisters usually come with a special promotional coin and card!

Pokemon Card 3 Pack Blister Booster Boxes

Twelve 3 Pack Blisters = 36 Packs = the same as 1 Booster Box!

(this is a great alternative to a traditional booster box)

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Sealed Packs of Pokemon Cards! Buy one or Special PokeNerds 3 Pack Bundles! Each pack has 10 cards + a code card for the PTCGO.

Honestly the name says it all! The Pokemon Elite Trainer Boxes Feature Exclusive Items only Found for the most Elite of Trainers.

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Straight from Japan! Experience the Pokemon Trading Card Game in a NEW WAY with these Amazingly Textured Foreign Cards.

Pokemon Cards are our Passion

Growing up in the 90's we experienced the magic the Pokemon Trading Card game can bring to a child's life. 

Here at PokeNerds we strive to bring that same magic back to life through our amazing live streams, family friendly community, and affordable prices.

 Thank you for supporting small business, each purchase with us is a vote against large corporations. 

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