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POKEMON BOX BREAKS Every Night at 7pm CST (Except Sun/Mon)


~ 100% Organic Breaks ~

1000+ Happy Pokemon Trainers Can't be Wrong!

~ 3 Scoops of Awesome ~

Interested in participating in a break? Just keep scrolling to find out why that's a good idea.


Step 1 : Grab Your Spot

A majority of our breaks are random. Which means that 11 - 12 people buy into a box break and then are randomly assigned a particular type in the box. Take for example "Fire".


Step 2: Show Up For The Break

Our pokemon box breaks happen every night except Sunday/Monday at 7pm on Youtube.. So, just show up for your break at the designated time and place and get ready for the show.! (If you miss the livestream, the video of the show is uploaded automatically afterwards)


Step 3: Receive All Your Cards

At the beginning of your break we will randomly spots to each person. If you are chosen to receive all the FIre cards all you have to do is sit back and enjoy the show with the community and then wait a few days for your Pokemon Cards to show up in the mail. 

WHY join our pokemon card breaks?

~ Saving Money Means More Pokemon Cards ~

Make Friends

We have a very large and family friendly community both on Facebook and Discord! Everyone here is a friend.

Earn PokePoints

With every purchase you make with PokeNerds you earn PokePoints which can be used as discounts on future purchases!


More Cards, Less Dollars

Why spend almost 5$ for 1 pack of Pokemon Cards at Walmart or Target? We have the big stores beat. 

Join the Community

Our community of PokeNerds is so great they are worth mentioning twice. 

Watch PokeNerds Pokemon Box Breaks!

Every night Except Sunday/Monday at 7pm CST 


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