A New Customers Review of PokeNerds

By Brian H 

PokeNerds Customer and Community Member, PokeNews

April 20, 2020

"after just one break with Pokenerds I’m sure I’ll be participating in loads more in the future!" - Brian H

On Saturday March 21st, I got the chance to participate in my first ever break with Pokenerds, and I’ve got to say I was certainly surprised at how exciting and engaging it was! I’d never participated in a card break prior to this, and I didn’t know if it was really for me, but after just one break with Pokenerds I’m sure I’ll be participating in loads more in the future!

When I first purchased my spot in the break, I was excited but nervous. I didn’t really know what to expect, but I was looking forward to it! I patiently waited for the live stream to start, and while waiting I did some research on some of the cards I could possibly get. This got me even more excited, and didn’t really help the time pass, but eventually the stream went live.

I joined the stream for the first time and the community was extremely friendly and welcoming. I didn’t chat too much at first because I didn’t feel like I knew too many people but in just a few short weeks that’s entirely changed. I’m more active in this stream chat than any other I’ve been in, and I don’t think I could’ve stumbled upon a better Pokefamily to call home.

A few minutes into the stream it was time to randomize the types, I didn’t really have a clue what to hope for at the time but Brian was completely up-front about what the best type was in the box and I really appreciated the transparency. I didn’t get the preferred type, but that didn’t bother me at all since I wasn’t really hoping for any specific type ahead of time. 

 The only thing I was hoping for was to get some kind of hit during the break and I did! About halfway through the box Brian pulled a Machamp GX for me, and I was ecstatic! I never thought I’d find myself so excited and engaged over something as simple as trading cards, but knowing how many packs are being opened, and the added feature of a whole community watching and rooting for you, really made the experience special. 

 Not only did I get a hit that night, but later during the stream I also won a giveaway for an exclusive Pokemon European Championship Tapu Koko Pin! This shipped out with the cards from my break, and when they arrived I was surprised to see that I had almost finished the entire Fighting set in the Sworld and Shield expansion. 

All-in-all, if you’re looking to collect a certain type in a set, or just have some fun while getting some new cards, this is definitely one of the best ways to do it.


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Big thanks to Brian for taking the time to write this review for the PokeNerds team! You can check Brian out on social media by clicking the twitter and instagram icons! 

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Lindsey Ramsey on 2023,07,12

This was the cutest store.
I was looking for a free event for my son who is a huge Pokémon fan.
I was so surprised when I pulled up to this small store. It was quaint and well managed.
The trading event for kids was awesome! He had sooo much fun!
Thank you PokeNerds!


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