Pokemon V from Pokemon Sword and Shield Announced!

By Crim Dela Crim

PokeNerds Team, PokeNews

August 17, 2019

(The Pokemon V Promo Featured Above. The Pokemon Sword and Shield Logo Feature Below)


So have you heard of the newest Pokémon V mechanic? If not, it’s the newest Pokemon TCG mechanic that came out as of late! Now we all know Pokemon Sword and Shield will be coming out in November but this really hits it out of the park!!! Zamazenta V and Zacian V (without their energies) were revealed at Worlds and the hype train has left the station.

The prize cards won for defeating a Pokemon V Card will be 2, as typical, with cards like GX/EX. The cards themselves will have dark borders and outlines to really set them apart from Megas.

Officially, as stated in the press release the V derives from eVolve, which could be saying that these are Pokémon who have broken the boundaries and began evolving even further than ever before!!

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Following the reveal they showed a secret V card with 330 hp, believed to be the other legendary in the possible trio, or a V-Maxed Zacian/Zamazenta. I noticed that Zamazenta V mentioned prevents all effects and damage from V-Max pokemon with its ability. Another thing to note is the legality stamps on Zamazenta and Zacian Z at the bottom left corner.


(Pokemon V Zacian V)


(Pokemon V Zamazenta V)

This means that potentially they may also be adding a new worldwide regulation device for tournaments. We know that Zamazenta V has been deemed a “D” but don’t know what that means at this time. 

Fully expect all cards in the same set/grouping to share common stamps no matter what language they come in though!In my humble opinion the mechanic is going to be similar to Mega, Lvl X, and GX all rolled into one straightforward presentation. 

Of course, we still have until about January-February before the Sword and Shield cards go to market but it’s definitely hype worthy. I am going on record to say that V is the bonafide card form of Dynamax and V-Max is akin to Gigantimax. However, do keep in mind that is my speculation and nothing else, so, take it with a grain of salt…. 

There will be 202 cards before secret rares in that new set as it is mostly to highlight The Galarian region’s Pokémon.

Mike C ("Crim Dela Crim")

-This article was written by Crim Della Crim here at Pokénerds and we’ll smell ya later!

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