Becoming a Trainer as an Adult | An Article for your curious friends!

Becoming a Trainer as an Adult | An Article for your curious friends!

By Ethan M

PokeNerds Team, PokeNews


June 5, 2020

Is a game that is as old as you worth a shot playing? 


The Pokémon Trading Card Game (Pokémon TCG) came out in late 1996 and is older than most of its users. (To the game's credit since it is still going it must be good right?) Though there is a major following of adults for the video game series there is not as much of a pull for adults with the card game. Now, there is a major problem with that because the card game is just as enjoyable as the video games! Plus, it is super easy to get into as an adult, and take that from me because I started playing the card game as an adult!

First off, what is the card game? The premise of the game is that the two players are trainers who battle their Pokémon (along with collecting all of the different types of Pokémon there are). From the first generation that you remember so fondly to the newest cards from Sword and Shield, there are literally hundreds of different Pokémon to collect! 





With the constant stream of new cards that are released with each new game (and regular new booster sets), it gives all of your favorite Pokémon a time to shine. Plus you get the heart-pumping experience of opening a new pack of cards! Remember how good it felt when you finally filled your pokedex? Now you can do that all over again with each new card set! (Or you can do what I do and collect all of the silly bird types and ignore the legendaries.)

To open a very large can of worms, most of the older Pokémon fans I know personally love the video games but have not given the card game the light of day which seems rather strange. Is it because it is a card game? I doubt that is the issue because Magic the Gathering is a HUGE franchise of mostly adult players. So what is the problem? One could point fingers at the price tag or having to find other people to play with since the video game is self-contained. The prices can be steep since most places sell them for almost five dollars a pack, but the price is the same for all other card games. So what is holding them back? Is it the fear of being judged for picking up a set of Pokémon cards in the store, because if it is there is no need for fear! Everyone has their own hobbies and no one should judge someone else for playing games. So just go out and pick up a pack or two! Don’t want to spend that much on physical cards? There is a cheaper solution for that and that comes in the form of Pokémon TCG online (Pokémon TCGO)! The digital companion to the card game sells boosters for as little as thirty cents a pack! Meaning for the same price of one physical booster you could get around fourteen online packs! You could also earn free packs by just playing the game!

So for those who are on a budget there is a very accessible way to play the game with the added bonus that you can play from the comfort of your own couch! (Which is great if you aren’t the most social of people. This could be you!)    


(The best way to teach someone how to play the Pokemon TCG, the Pokemon TCG Battle Academy!)

Returning to the issue of finding games, most people would be surprised at how many games there are to join! Almost every college has students getting together to play in communal spaces and most local card shops have Pokémon themed nights. The shop in my town has two tournaments a month! So why not test your skills against others in your own community! Even if you don’t have a shop that holds frequent games, the Pokémon website has an Official Event Locator on it! So plug in your area and see if there is a set of matches near you! Maybe just ask your friends or coworkers to try learning the game with you. The rules are simple and your group could be battling in a single afternoon! (Or even during your lunch break. Just don’t let the boss see!) All that stands between you and playing a game is building a deck!

Before you can start playing the game you have to create your own custom deck to play with. A key portion of the game is gathering cards to build your Pokémon team. It’s just like getting the best six pokemon you can to create the ultimate party. The idea of forming a deck can be daunting to most the first time they do it (It was for me! I stared at my cards for about twenty minutes before I even started!). Thankfully in this day and age there are various online tutorials and places to find help! With all of the forums and servers to ask questions, there are always others to help you out. Maybe even your younger cousin could teach you a thing or two! There are even companies who make collecting cards to create decks super simple! 

PokeNerds card breaks give you a heap of cards of one type, plus the energies you need to power up your pocket monsters! So, with all of the assistance out there, creating a deck to play with is easy and it feels great once you create one that swamps your opponent! Still are nervous to build your very own deck? There are premade decks that are purchasable for an average of thirteen dollars! I bought a theme deck when I first started to play and it came with stellar cards that helped me learn how to build my own decks with my favorite Pokemon and play style!

All in all, Pokémon TCG is a wonderful pastime and hobby to pick up if you are a fan of the video games and haven’t dabbled in it yet. A lot of the adult fans I know collected the cards for a short term during their younger days, but gave up when they got older. If you are one of those adults, why not dig into your closet and find your old cards. With all of the ways to play, collect, and the companies who make it affordable, why not take a nostalgia trip and tear open a pack! 


(The best way to teach someone how to play the Pokemon TCG, the Pokemon TCG Battle Academy!)

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