Leonhart / Leonhart54 | From Lawyer to popular Pokemon YouTuber : The story of Lee Steinfield

By Valeria

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May 25th, 2020

Welcome reader to a new series of articles that are going to be focused on Pokemon influencers! This article was written by the lovely Valeria and includes facts about the very popular Poke-tuber Leonhart! Please enjoy and share with your friends! The Pokemon Community is so great because of all the support we show for each other. 😍


Lee Steinfield AKA Leonhart54 / Leonhart

“Leonhart”'s real name is Lee Steinfeld. He is famous for doing Pokémon card openings and vlogs on his YouTube channel

I bet when Lee was studying law at the University of Texas in Austin (Bachelor of Advertising) and Southern Methodist University Law School in Dallas (Juris Doctor in Intellectual Property, Sports, Entertainment Law), he probably couldn't even imagine that his education would be going towards a career centered around something more fun than just sitting in an Attorney's office. 

Or maybe, it was his initial plan... Also having experience working as an actor and a voice actor we can definitely see how Lee with his bright charisma, was destined to become a popular Pokemon Card YouTuber.

Some Clips and Thumbnails for the Leonhart 54 Youtube Channel
where Lee Steinfield opens Pokemon Cards

Why did he choose Pokemon cards? Well, Lee is 33, so his childhood / teenage years were also the peak of popularity for Pokemon. We sometimes are nostalgically connected to some fun shows, movies or games from our childhood.


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Thousands if not millions of people of the same generation are still big fans of the whole Pokemon Universe. Moreover, some are having their own kids already, and they want to share this with them as well and have a cool way to entertain the whole family. And here comes Leonhart! 

He launched a YouTube channel that is presented as a “Ultimate Pokemon cards unboxing experience” in 2014 and it’s popularity only grew with years. It has over 880 thousands of subscribers as of now, that proves Pokemon mania to be a real thing! The key word here is “experience” and each video is so much fun, especially for kids! 

Leonhart's channel is a great and inspiring example on how anyone can turn his/her passion or hobby into a successful career.


Leonhart and Pikachu

Leonhart's Social Media

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