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As soon as Putin attacked Ukraine, we knew we had to do something.

( Valeria from PokeNerds passes out food to Hungry refugees. )

( Just having gotten off the train, these two little girls were very happy to be greeted with Pokemon Plush dolls after escaping the horrors of war. )

(Passing out food to refugees waiting in line for free food. )

( Buying food in the Krakow train station. }

We closed the PokeNerds retail store for close to three weeks and flew to Poland to help. 

Please watch the video below to see more about our journey and our continuing efforts to help Ukraine. 

We've Spoken with local News outlets to raise awareness in our local community for Ukraine.

Get a better look at the pin you're purchasing

Because our family and friends are in Ukraine right now, we have a direct line to get aid where it's needed most.

Everyone in the photos below have been helped with funds raised through a little tip jar we put on our checkout counter in our retail store.

thank you for caring