Unified Minds 3-Pack Bundle
Unified Minds 3-Pack Bundle
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For this break, we will be opening a factory sealed box of: Pokemon Unbroken Bonds Live on Youtube.

You will receive EVERY CARD of the Type of Pokemon you are chosen to receive (unless you choose Free Shipping in which case you receive all cards reverse holo of rarity and above).

 We will use Random.org LIVE on stream to decide who gets what type out of the booster box.

 The Possible Types Available are as Follows: 

 - Fire 

- Fairy 

- Dark 

- Electric 

- Grass 

- Colorless 

- Trainer 

- Water 

- Psychic 

- Fighting 

- Steel

Once again, you are purchasing ONLY the Type of Pokemon cards you will be selected to receive that are pulled from this break. 

 Our Promises to You: 

 1) All Cards Ship (unless you purchase the Free Shipping) 

 2) All Cards Ship Within Two Business Days. 

 3) We Break the Same Day the Break Sales Out *(see exceptions). 

 PLEASE READ BEFORE BUYING If you have never participated in a group break and/or are new to breaks in general please email any questions before you purchase. OR Click the "What is a Break?" Tab. Once you do purchase, you agree that you have read and completely understand this listing AND understand that there are no returns or refunds once the break goes live.The box(es)/case(s) will be opened live on camera on our YouTube channel at: 


 This break will begin at 7 p.m Central Standard Time on the same day the last spot sells. *IF the box sells out AFTER 7 p.m. CST we will break the following day at 7 p.m. CST.

We will go live roughly 20 minutes before the break begins to answer any questions, discuss what will be opened. 

 Once again, there is never a guarantee that any big hits will be pulled during our live breaks. Be clear about that before you buy. This is a LIVE STREAM BOX BREAK, not the selling of a new or sealed packs, boxes, or cases. 

 If you miss the live break, it will be made available later that night on our YouTube channel, PokeNerds  

What is a pokemon break?

A Pokemon box/case, or a "group" break is when instead of just buying a pack, or an entire box of packs, you only purchase the "type" of cards you're interested in. For example, if you want to build a water deck and you're only interested in "water type" cards, we will open every single pack in the box/case and you get to keep ALL of the "water" type cards from the 36 packs per box! Instead of getting stuck paying for a lot of cards you don't really want or need.

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