Pokemon Trading Card Game: Unbroken Bonds [Pack Battle #3]
Pokemon Trading Card Game: Unbroken Bonds [Pack Battle #3]
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Unbroken Bonds, Pokemon TCG

For this break, we will be opening one Pokemon Unbroken Bonds Sun & Moon Booster Boxe LIVE on Youtube for a Pokemon Pack Battle! 

 Please research the product we are breaking BEFORE you buy. Knowing what kinds of cards can be hit is important. Be an informed buyer, it will make the experience more fun. 

 Our Promises to You: 

 1) All Cards Ship, Always When you win a type it's yours, we hold nothing back. 

 2) All Cards Ship Within Two Business Days Waiting days for shipping, in a word, sucks. We get that. We will never break more product than we can ship within two business days after each break. 

 3) We Break the Same Day the Pack Battle Sales Out *(see exceptions). 

 PLEASE READ BEFORE BUYING If you have never participated in a pack battle and/or are new to breaks in general please email any questions before you purchase. OR Click the "What is a Pack Battle?" Tab. Once you do purchase, you agree that you have read and completely understand this listing AND understand that there are no returns or refunds once the break goes live.*AGAIN, ALL SALES ARE FINAL, NO REFUNDS AND NO RETURNS*WHEN The box(es)/case(s) will be opened live on camera on our YouTube channel at:https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCkxxOK31Q3ywEUnJdCxXGTg?sub_confirmation=1 

 This pack battle will begin at 8:30 p.m Central Standard Time on the same day the last spot sells. *IF the box sells out AFTER 8:30pm CST we will break the following day at 8:30pm CST.We will go live roughly 20 minutes before the break begins to answer any questions, discuss what will be opened.   

 If you miss the live break, it will be made available later that night on our YouTube channel, PokeNerds  

What is a pokemon PACK BATTLE?

1. Each Spot Will Receive: 6 Packs out of the 36 Pack Sealed Booster Box

2. We will take turns opening the packs and counting the "points" each Trainer receives. 

3. The Trainer with the most points at the end of their 6 packs, will then select 1 card from each losing Trainer to keep! 

Point System: 

Regular Black Star: 1 Point 

Holo: 2 Points 

GX: 3 Points 

Tag Team GX: 4 Points 

Full Art: 5 Points 

Rainbow Rare: 6 Points 

Secret Rare: 7 Points

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